Bolt Catalog Pages

ASTM A325 Heavy Hex Structural Bolts

ASTM A325 Heavy Hex Structural Bolts provides a structural joint that is stronger both statically and in fatigue than a joint made with hot driven rivets.

A325 Structural Bolts can be used with a heavy nut and two hardened washers with one under the nut and the other under the bolt head to provide a uniform surface on rough material. They can be assembled in holes which drilled, punched, or reamed. ASTM A325 Structural Bolts are used in structural steel construction of all types of bridges, buildings, and other steel structures. They are forged from medium carbon steel and heat treated to meet the requirements of ASTM spec.

Tap Bolts

Tap bolts are fully threaded hex head bolts. Used in construction, agriculture and automotive applications, tap bolts are designed to be used in a drilled or tapped hole where a cap screw or stud would be impractical. Our current tap bolt line can be viewed here.

Hex Head Bolts

Place Bolts (Hex Cap Screws- Type AA Place Head- 6 slot)

Place bolts are free-spinning, self-locking hex head bolts used to prevent loosening due to vibration. The circular recess under the head and slots in the top of the head work together to cause the head to form an elastic flexing of the head as it is tightened. Its one-piece locking design eliminates extra parts and extra installation steps saving time and money

Hex Flange Bolts (Frame Bolts)

Also known as "Frame Bolts" these screws are a hex screw and washer head all in one. Parts meet or exceed ASME/ANSI B18.2.1, SAE J429, SAE J1061 for Grade 8 material specifications.

Elevator Bolts (Belt Bolts)

These bolts have a wide, flat, countersunk head. The elevator bolts' square neck prevents rotation. The head diameter is slightly over three times that of the bolt body. The large, low head shape provides a flush wide bearing connection in soft materials.

Wheel Bolts

Square Head Bolts

Forged Eye Bolts

Eye bolts have a looped head that is forged without welds.These bolts should not be used for angular loads.

Bent Bolts

Bent bolts are cylindrical rods having one end threaded and the other end bent to a specific configuration. They do not have a standard head and are used in applications where a formed shape is needed for assembly purposes.

Round Bend U Bolts

Round Bend U Bolts are often used for attaching pipe or hanging pipe. Round Bend U Bolts also can be used as an anchor when embedded in concrete.

Hook Bolts

J-Bolts (63° Hook Bolts)

Known as 63° Hook Bolts, these are designed for shaker screen applications. Our newest line, for the mining and quarry industry, are our 63° hook bolts for shaker screen applications. Made of heat treated steel in plain finish, they are in stock in 1/2" diameter from 4" to 7" lengths and 5/8" diameters from 5" to 8" lengths.


A u-shaped bent bolt having threads on both ends.

Eye Bolts

Plow Bolts

Shaker Screen Bolts (Fully threaded Carriage Bolts)

Shaker Screen Bolts feature a low profile head and are desigened for wood-to-wood or wood-to-metal applications. When used in square punched holes, they prevent turning when nut is tightened. They allow a flexible installation as fastener can be installed from the nut side of the assembly. Shaker Screen Bolts are used in the snow plow applications and rock crushing industries.

Carriage Bolts

Carriage Bolts are also known as square neck round head bolts. Their square neck on shank is designed for use in square punched holes which prevents turning when nut is tightened.