All your hardware needs in one convenient location!

The Bolt BarnTM by Trinity is the perfect solution to managing, merchandising and replenishing your retail hardware. This unique stand-alone structure is sure to generate plenty of customer buzz and repeat business. And thanks to Trinity's inventory technology, you control the volume making The Bolt BarnTM ideal for minimizing costs and maximizing value.

Each Bolt BarnTM is built onsite and includes:

  • 15' x 22' American Made Barn with free installation & set-up
  • Merchandizing cabinets containing more than 1,000 Sure-LokTM pans (with dividers)
  • More than 2,000 items and 18,000 lbs. of hardware
  • ScanSwift Scanner and set-up for easy ordering and replenishment

For more information, contact:

Dan Zehnder

(563) 459-6341